Luxe Powder Brush

Luxe Powder Brush

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Cruelty Free

Unique, ombre handle
  • Plastic handle
  • Artistic angled end
  • Black to blue fade

Made with synthetic fibers
  • Man-made (synthetic) fibers provide a softer experience that performs better on all skin types
  • The synthetic fibers are durable and long lasting
  • Better shape retention for brush head
  • The density-to-flexibility ratio is perfect for powders and emollients
  • Synthetic fibers give better pickup/payoff

Cleaning suggestions
  1. Using the MadeULook Cleaning Pad, place strap over fingertips
  2. While using brush cleanser, swirl the wet brush around and across the textured pad
  3. Rinse brush and pad until clean, lay flat to dry, or with brush head facing downward
Never place brushes with head facing up while drying, as water will leak into the handles! (This is a tip for all brushes!)