About Alexys Fleming, "Madeyewlook" 

Alexys Fleming, also known as "Lex" online, is a self taught body painter, and makeup artist. She is licensed in the fields of Esthetics, as well as Cosmetology, obtaining both licenses in each field by age 19. Currently working as a body painter and digital content creator, Alexys strives to not only create, but to inspire the world around her. Through all of her endeavors, Alexys' main goal is to provide the best quality of makeup related products to give others the confidence to express themselves on a living, breathing, canvas. Alexys stands for anti-bullying, awareness, creativity, and self expression.

"Makeup is more than just a perception of beauty, it is used to make people feel confident, or make them into a completely new character. You can be whatever you put your mind to in the world of art, but most importantly, always be yourself."


Lex's Background and Story

While most "about" sections are written in third person, I will be writing mine in first person, since no one else knows my history better than I will. This is who I am, and this is my story.

I grew up in Chicago, IL for majority of my life, also spending some years in Arizona. The Madeyewlook YouTube channel was established on my life, my dreams, who I am, and what I would like to accomplish. MadeULook first began with a simple Facebook page and YouTube channel (Madeyewlook) back in September of 2011 when I was 19 years old. Throughout my life, I have always been an artist, and have always drawn. It actually wasn’t until I realized that makeup could be used for more than just the basic mascara application that I became interested in it. I quickly learned that it was used for movies and also to make monsters. I loved the creative aspect of it. As I grew older, I also began to love that makeup could be used to make people feel beautiful. Although many use it to fit in to societies perception of beauty, there are many people out there who also suffer from scarring, bruising, or discoloration that they hide using makeup. Makeup can be used to restore injuries, or tragic events that happened. It helps heal the mind, as well as make someone feel beautiful (or scary) inside and out. 
           I ended up becoming more and more interested in makeup throughout high school. I began to be bullied worse than ever before, and would spend a lot of my days gathering my homework from my classes, and doing my best to make my way down to the library to teach myself for the classes that I could, and just enduring the classes I was forced to stay in to learn. I don't have much reason for being bullied, other than for being myself, focusing on school, and never giving into peer pressure. I was always my own person, and that's all I have ever wanted to be. To relieve stress from being bullied at school, and to cope with my brand new diagnosis as a Type 1 Diabetic at age 13, I began to take my drawings from paper to people. I would sit in front of my mirror after school and channel all of my negative emotions from the day to turn myself into creatures, characters, different things that would take me to another world, and help me imagine what life would be like if I could be anything I wanted to be.

"After hours of sitting there, packing on eyeshadows on my face in replacement of body paint that I didn't have at the time, I would look at my creation, and feel the strength of that character. My characters became life changing."

This was more than just eyeshadow and mascara, this was creating entirely new "living" characters. 
             My Junior year of high school, I decided enough was enough. I took everything that was going against me, and put it towards something positive, towards working on a future and my dreams. I enrolled myself in a half day of Cosmetology, did a half day of high school, and completed my Senior year online. I told myself would be the year I graduate, and I did. While I enjoyed Cosmetology and doing hair, it didn’t let out as much expression as makeup did.    
          Once graduating high school, I turned to a different path to obtain an additional license in Esthetics. As a teenager, I suffered from Grade 3 Acne, in which my acne was so terrible, you could hardly see my cheeks. Because of my passion to help others, it lead me into Esthetics, where I ended up falling in love. I obtained licenses in both Cosmetology and Esthetics before the age of 19. While I am currently working as a full time body painter, digital content creator, and entrepreneur, I still keep up on my Esthetics education, and am constantly learning. Creativity is who I am, and helping others helps the world, one step at a time.

           After gaining an incredible amount of supporters from around the world, and further falling in love with my passion of makeup and helping others through social media, I took the steps to pursue my dream of having my own cosmetic line and cosmetic brushes. The "MadeULook" business was established in 2013 at the age of 20 years old. Through all of my endeavors within my growing businesses, my main goal is to provide the best quality of makeup related products to give others the confidence to express themselves on a living, breathing, canvas.